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Precision Mental Health Solution

One in two individuals will suffer from at least one mental illness during their lifetime. The COVID-19 pandemic greatly amplified the incidence, personal, social, and economic costs of mental illness. This impact will continue long after the pandemic is over.

The extreme shortage of mental health care providers that existed before the pandemic has risen exponentially. The pandemic forced a rapid shift to telehealth to meet this unprecedented demand, but remote mental health care is still in its infancy. Mental telehealth is ripe for applications of data science, artificial intelligence, and neuroscience. 

NeuroHealth Technologies is developing Neuro-ART™, a remote, data-centric, precision mental health care platform that provides:

  • Real-time patient insights derived from digital biomarkers.

  • Asynchronous assessment to increase patient access and provider convenience.

  • Predictive analytics to anticipate and prevent mental health crises and match patients with treatments most likely to be successful.

NeuroHealth Technologies is building transformative technology to revolutionize mental health care— a field that has not seen fundamental advancement in decades.


Our Team

CEO: Michael Cole, PhD, MBA
Executive Chair: Roger Quy, PhD
CSO: Mark D’Esposito, MD
Partners and Contractors

Engineering/Design: Ioannis Pappas, PhD 

UCSF Health Hub

UC Santa Cruz Jack Baskin School of Engineering


Berkeley Wheeler Labs

UC Davis Health

UC Hastings Law School

Advisory Board
Clinical Science: Natalie Rasgon, MD, PhD
Data Science: Yi Zhang, PhD
Digital Health: Lisa Suennen, MA
Remote Mental Health Care: Peter Yellowlees, MD


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Mission Bay
350 Townsend Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

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